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Please read the following purchase information before you set your ordre. This will answer FAQ about how to order, prices, a guidance for installation and maintenance, and also terms and delivery.

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Price list

All prices in NOK excl. VAT + shipping.

T2 (0,97 m2, set of 20 tiles) - 2 200,-
T3 (0,97 m2, set of 30 tiles) - 2 200,-
T4/ T5 (0,13 m2, set of 8 tiles) - 660,-
T8/ T9 (0,13 m2, set of 16 tiles) - 660,-
Sample box (set of 4 pcs of T3) - 500,-
Single sample of your choice (T3) - 150,-
Interior design - from 800,-/hr
Installation - prices on request 

Installation guide

To install your new interior tiles we highly recommend to use professionals using the right equipment. Consult your professional craftsman or get touch with us for recommendations.

When all set and ready, please check out these steps for a smooth installation:

1 - Make sure your delivery has arrived safe and sound. If problems, please get in touch.

2 - Allow your boxes of tiles to acclimate in its original packaging for 48 hrs considering this is a wooden product. Place boxes in the right environment and make sure room temperature is approx. 20 degrees celcius and has a relative humidity of 40-60%.

3 - Consult your specialist dealer to get the right adhensive for your surface. We recommend using a high-elastic adhensive suitable for gluing wooden products onto vertical surfaces. The use of a sealent/ cartridge glue will make it easier to apply. Use a quick glue to ensure that the glued tile stays in place while allowing for some adjustments.

4 - Surface should be as smooth as possible and without imperfections such as cracks and holes. Make sure wall is even and leveled. This is important for result and will make in easier to puzzle the geometric pattern design of your desire.

5 - Plan your pattern of desire and make sure you have all equipment needed.

6 - For cutting use table saw with control system/ plant. Use new blade in hard metal. For safety reasons and best results, we recommend using angular templates for the tiles. Ask us for advice.

7 - Make sure the edge you put the tiles on is exactly right. Use a guide, laser or similar and mount temporary support moldings if necessary.

8 - Start installing by gluing the back of one tile of the time, placing it to its proper place. Adjust if necessary.

9 - The tiles come finished with oil. The surface is tested according to requirements and can withstand splashes of water and grease. As for ceramic tiles, make sure that the ground is pretreated to meet your requirements. If the tiles are to be placed in spray zones, such as behind the washbasin, we recommend that you protect the wall from moisture by adding a silicone sealant in the transition between the tile and the wall.

10 - If desired, finish with a grout around the finished layout of tiles, or down to the countertop.

Installation instructions in Norwegian are included in the delivery.


Trewerk® interior tiles are intended for vertical surfaces in the interior. They come fully finished with high quality wood oils that will allow the products to last a long life with little need for maintenance while maintaining the environment in the room.

The tiles are wiped off with a clean cloth for daily cleaning. If necessary, a slightly damp cloth can be used. We can supply soaps if you need cleaning and stain removal beyond this. These soaps are designed to preserve the surface treatment and help the wood retain its good properties, also over time.

We recommend oiling the surfaces once in a while and can supply oil products and guidance for this. Ask us for advice. 

Terms and delivery

Payment conditions:

Invoice is issued when ordering and due upon delivery.

Lead time and delivery:

Delivery time is normally 2-3 week, depending on project. Shipping time excluded.

Support and warranty:

The customer assumes responsibility for the goods upon delivery. Please contact if you notice any defects or damage to the goods. Any complaint must be addressed within 14 days.

Our products are made of wood, a natural material which is characterized by its natural structure and irregular shades. The customer must therefore expect a certain tolerance in the quality that is normal for veneered wood in products intended for vertical surfaces. This also covers a certain tolerance in the materials as a whole where lamination of layered wood can result in twisting and minor changes in shape. Color differences are also to be expected. Our products are manufactured in good quality materials and treated with care in production. All items are checked before being shipped to the customer. Should you experience problems, please contact us and we will try to help.

Complaints and warranty is limited to the actual product purchased by Trewerk® and requires that the product is installed correctly and maintained regularly according to our recommendations.

Stocked goods can be returned if you regret your purchase. Always contact us before returning. Returns must be made within 14 days of delivery, and the contents must be complete and in their original packaging. If the delivery contains additional products such as products for assembly or maintenance, these must be fully included in the return. The value of the goods is credited to the customer. The customer must cover the shipping and return costs of the goods. Special orders and customized deliveries are not covered by the right of withdrawal.

Images and copyrights:

The designs and brand of Trewerk® are protected by registration (Oslo patent board). All pictures are taken by Trewerk® or by credited photographers. Our photos can be shared with credits, but not used for commercial or marketing purposes without prior agreement.

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